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Custom Blender of Mineral & Vitamin Supplements since 1935

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality blend with the lowest batch size possible.

Wholesale Sales Only

We do not believe in competing with our own customers, so we do not do any direct to farm sales.

Custom Inventory

We only carry the products that our customers ask us to inventory. We do not sell any particular brand over another brand of product.



   All American Mineral was started in 1935.  The business was originally owned and operated by Gilmar & Weeks in the old Raddant Brewery building on 5th Street (now the site of the Riverview Apartments).  At this time the business had a couple stock items that were sold to feed mills and farmers in the area.

     The business was moved to 616 South Main Street prior to 1950, where it would be operated for many years. The second owner was Art Greenlee of Bloomer who purchased the company in 1955.  Art Greenlee continued with the same business model of stock mineral items for resale.

     The business' third owner was Bob Feinen who purchased the business from the Greenlee family in 1980.  In the mid-eighties, the company name was changed to Ardex All American Mineral Co., Inc.  At this time, there was one man in the plant and a part-time truck driver with an eight ton truck.  Also at this time is when the business model began to change to a manufacturer and wholesaler exclusively to feed mills. 

       The mid-eighties produced even more changes! As far as our records indicate, the first independent nutritionist sales began in 1984.  The business model was adjusted again to begin selling custom blended products as well as stock items to nutritionists and feed mills.

     In 1996, Bob Beyer (on the left in picture) began purchasing the business from Bob Feinen and became president of the company.  Bob had begun to work for Ardex in 1982.  Upon Bob Beyer's purchase of the company, Ardex bought the building at 120 E Richmond Street, which is where we reside at to this day.  As far as we have been told, the building was originally built as the fallout shelter for Shawano County, with the purpose of cold food storage and as a bomb shelter for Shawano.  The remodel of this building allowed the company to expand our services and up-grade the operations to a more automated system.  Ardex moved into the renovated facility in April of 1998. The old plant was partially demolished to facilitate a load area and parking space.

     Ardex All American Mineral has always been a family owned business, but it became even more of a family business under Bob Beyer's ownership.  In 2008, Bob Beyer's children, Lisa and Andrew, started buying into the business.  Lisa started working full-time for the company in 2000, Andrew started part-time in high school and joined full-time after graduation in 2006.  Bob's wife Gloria began working for Ardex in 1998.  Lisa's husband Josh began working for the company in 2013.  Lisa and Andrew fully bought the business from Bob in January of 2017.




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Ardex All American Mineral

120 E. Richmond Street

Shawano, WI 54166


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